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Black Paw 101: Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries from our Monthly Chew Newsletter

Spay/NeutermAwareness Month

Black Paw 101:

February 1, 2023

The main purpose to spay and neuter is preventing unwanted litters, increased health benefits and curbing behavioral issues for dogs and cats.

Spay/Neuter Facts:

-Dogs live on the average 20% longer and Cats live on the average 50% longer when spay or neutered.

-Cats can become pregnant at 4 months old and dogs at 6 months.

-Cancer risks are lower in cats and dogs that are fixed.

-Urine marking is reduced by 90%.

-Neutering Males reduces Roaming and barking.

-It is worth the cost to keep your pet(s) healthy!

Columbia is fortunate to have a clinic on the business loop, that specializes in spay/neuter surgeries. Here is what they had to say…

What does the clinic do? 

The Spay Neuter Project-No Kill Columbia (since 2015) provides a service directed towards community by offering high-quality, reduced cost spay/neuter services, with a mission to remove financial barriers; reducing the unplanned and homeless pet population, and helping pet owners keep their pets happy and healthy, and families whole.

Who can utilize your services?

We serve pet parents from 28 counties and have worked with 22 animal rescues to help provide surgeries/vaccines, but do not compare the clinic as competition to other pet care providers in Columbia; we consider our services as an alternative to those who are in need of quality care at an affordable price.

How can the community learn more about the clinic? 

We are always open to speaking engagements and presentations, in regards to share what we do and how to help the community. Look for our community festivals/events each year, along with hosting events, such as SPAYghetti, Spring Fling, Pumpkin PAWlooza, CoMoGives and Mile of Money (first year 2022).

What is your next event? 

The Spay Neuter Project is hosting their 9th annual SPAYghetti event on Tuesday February 21st, 2023 at the First Presbyterian Church (18th Hitt Street). This is the biggest event of the year for the not for profit, with a spaghetti dinner, auction items, bake sale, wine pull and live music.

Tickets are $20.00 in advance and can be purchased at Lizzi & Rocco’s, Treats Unleashed, Papa’s Cat Café and The Spay Neuter Project.

Online at

Advanced ticket sales end February 14th or $30.00 at the door.

Black Paw 101: Hope to see you there!

Bobbi Wilson, CPPS since 2018

Pet Travel Safety Month

Black Paw 101:

January 1, 2023

I usually do not write my Blogs in first person, but I feel the need for this story to be included with hopes to get a safety point across to Pet Parents when traveling in a vehicle with pets.

Years ago, Scott and I participated in many dog agility shows in several neighboring states. We were invited to many small group clubs to sell custom made collars for our not for profit. In doing so, we became friends with lots of trainers/handler and pet owners. The story I am about to tell is about one pet handler and her three dogs.

This Pet Parent, who was the dog handler, traveled with her dogs several times a month. Her transport set up for them was top notch. Having three dogs in an SUV took strategy and consideration for loading and unloading for potty breaks and comfort for her medium sized dog breeds. Her three dogs were not just her hobby dogs, but where her pride and joy both at home and at shows!

As we were traveling home from a long weekend dog show, we received an email regarding this handler and her three dogs. The email was so upsetting…she was returning home on the interstate when her SUV crashed.

One of her dogs was killed ON IMPACT. One dog was severely injured by being smashed THROUGH the metal crate and died later. One dog’s crate POPPED OPEN from impact and the dog ESCAPED, only to run away from the scene of the accident. The handler was severely injured in the accident BUT refused to go to the hospital until she could find the third dog that escaped her SUV. Three days she spent desperately searching for the third dog in the woods near the interstate, ignoring her own injuries and knowing she lost the other two dogs forever. The dog was found, in rough shape, a few days later. Only then did she then get care for herself and her dog!

She had done everything right…having them secure in transporting crates, in the rear space of the SUV and locked in securely!

Typical Pet Parents will not be transporting their dogs, but just jumping in a vehicle with a pet to “go for a ride” can be dangerous. Let me go over a few helpful pointers:

Always transport smaller pets in a proper sized carrier that is secured with the car seatbelt.

Never let a cat ride on the dashboard or back window area is a distraction to the driver, as well as dangerous for the cat.

Always use dog seatbelts with a proper fitting harness for bigger dogs.

Never put a dog or cat in a bucket seat, carrier or seat belted in the front seat of a vehicle! All vehicles have air bags; if an airbag goes off…your pet would be seriously hurt or die.

Always secure your pet in the back seat or rear area of a vehicle.

Never let a pet set on your lap while you are driving!

Always have the pet’s collar with ID and rabies tag on them, in case they do escape they can be returned or cared for. (*Some states require rabies vaccinations and Veterinarians might be required to have proof of rabies prior to emergency care.)

Never let your pet ride with their face out the window, to avoid debris damage to their eyes.

Always get your pets micro chipped.

Pet 101: Vehicle safety is not just about the pet, keeping everyone in the vehicle safe is important.

Bobbi Wilson, CPPS since 2018

PLP...How did it happen?

Our First Blog Entry

February 1, 2022

Peace Love Paws Pet Sitters, LLC… How did that happen?

What was a desperate need for more income clashed with my desire (for YEARS) that turned into what PLP is today.

We all get caught up in life’s things! Thinking we know our direction and then…well, we have all been there. Some make it out okay, while others fight it. Scott and I seem to have this happen to us every so many years. Hence, how we jumped into Pet Sitting! I will back up a few years…

I wanted a Pet Sitting Business for several years, after stumbling across an online publication by Patti Moran (Now founder of Pet Sitters International) in 1998. Scott’s job just did not allow time for us to do it and I owned a lamp work bead/jewelry business, which kept me busy. We had adopted several pets from the CMHS and Second Chance, but our first real pet rescue was a Black Cat named Zena B.. She was a pregnant cat and living in terrible conditions when I found her. I brought her home and that was the first litter of kittens I had ever seen. (We have since helped with 6 more adoption litters over the years.) When Zena B. died, I wanted to honor her with a pet rescue. I thought how hard is it to set up a not for profit? Answer; Not as easy as one would hope. We ran it for eight successful years, while all the time I wanted to pet sit as a career. Still the opportunity to do so was not available, due to one thing or another. Life changed for us several times again over the next several years, and we become home inspectors. I know, still not in the pet sitting business...truth is, for 20 years, every neighbor in our neighborhood would ask us to pet sit. When we did… we would be "paid" with rocks from exotic places, or a souvenir from somewhere! We moved from that neighborhood and I missed pet sitting all the neighbor’s pets! Then the clash moment happened to us. The home inspection business took a turn for us, and we needed a second income quick. FINALLY, we knew being Professional Pet Sitters was what we should do!

Black Paw 101: Hold on to your dreams…your clash moment will come!

Bobbi Wilson, CPPS